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Burkholder Chiropractic Clinic

809 N. State St.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete healthcare system. It has been effectively used to treat and prevent illness for nearly 5000 years. Treatments typically include one or a combination of acupuncture, moxa, cupping, and herbs.

A TCM practitioner is a keen observer of the rhythms and cycles of nature and of the human body. Careful observation and measure of these cycles is used to assess health problems. Evaluation of body cycles such as the breathing cycle and the rhythm of the heart (among others) is used to identify the patient's underlying problem which can then be treated with TCM methods. The goal is to bring the body's rhythms and cycles into balance which promotes wellness and alleviates symptoms.

TCM is very safe. Side effects are extremely rare. Allergic reactions to herbs are the primary risk. It is important to inform your TCM practitioner of any allergies, medications or other health problems that you may have before beginning treatment.

TCM helps to maintain balance in your body. Its effects on the body are regulatory, encouraging the body to make changes from within. Whether your problem is new or ongoing, TCM may be able to help you. It often helps even where other forms of healthcare have failed. It promotes wellness and longevity and boosts energy. It stimulates your bodies immune defenses to more effectively fight off illness.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are provided Adriane Dourte, L.OM. Hours are Mondays by appointment.

For questions or to schedule an appointment please contact Ms. Dourte directly at: (484) 612-8307.

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